I Have an Idea! I Have an Idea!

I Have an Idea!

Sage Sage

How to Submit an Idea

Navigating, accessing and submitting ideas

  1. Navigate to the “Teams” area within Microsoft Teams
  2. Access the GENERAL section under the FullThrottle Company “team”
  3. Use the top navigation and choose IDEAS

Ideas are captured and categorized by campaigns

  1. Click on the available Campaign you want to submit an idea to. There are two Campaigns: Product & Platform Enhancements and Marketing & Storytelling
  2. Click “Submit an idea” in the top right and then complete all information fields. Be as detailed and as clear as possible so your idea can be best articulated
  3. If you want to get creative, you can upload an image/mockup for your idea as well
  4. Click “Submit idea” in the top right
  5. Once ideas are submitted users can 'like' or endorse the idea
  6. Ideas will be reviewed by Product Team during each Mission, and will facilitate additional discussion if necessary