How does Lifecycle Acceleration work? How does Lifecycle Acceleration work?

How does Lifecycle Acceleration work?

Sage Sage

In your marketing funnel, sales should never be the end of the road. Customers who have purchased, leased, or serviced with you before can come back time and time again, but they need a reason. Will you give them one?

The best way to retain customers is to make their lives easier. With Lifecycle Acceleration, every customer gets a virtual Vehicle Wallet along with personalized vehicle updates that keep your dealer top of mind!

This isn’t old-school equity mining. This is the new school of customer convenience.


Vehicle Wallet

What’s my mileage? How many payments do I have left? Where’s my service history? With our virtual Vehicle Wallet, customers can see and edit this information themselves, anytime. Serve up a superior customer experience that keeps people coming back.

Monthly Vehicle Statement

Adam, happy anniversary to you and your Escape. Linda, are you paying too much for your Camry? Build a bond with your customers with monthly emails tailored just to them. AI uses the information stored in the virtual Vehicle Wallet to connect with your customers and identify ways to serve them.

Dashboard Reporting

This is a dashboard for your dealer’s retainment efforts. See how many customers fit into the segments we place them in, like lease overage and high APR. Find out how many customers are opening your emails, which these segments help personalize.

Customer Timelines

A profile for every customer, complete with a timeline. See when your emails have been delivered and opened—and when customers have accessed their Vehicle Wallets or shopped your dealer website. You can even see when they’ve shopped publicly versus privately.