Automotive Journey Segments Automotive Journey Segments

Automotive Journey Segments

Sage Sage

This collects automatically for automotive clients - and lists top 10 most visited automotive URLs.

You can add up to 12 custom journey segments for a client – but the top most visited URLs for year/make/model are covered out of the gate.


The platform also has six Pre-built Automotive Segments available for selection in the Journey Segment list.


These segments group together related vehicle interest behaviors for automotive clients and allow stakeholders to strategize for audience-specific activations more easily.


As the only tierless platform providing EV related 1st party data to Tier 3, Tier 2, and Tier 1, this is a huge competitive edge for the IMC at Tier 3 and to our OEM partners who lean into addressable data.


Here is the list of the Pre-built Auto Segments and what each means:

  • New vehicles = households shopping for NEW vehicles
  • Used vehicles = households shopping for USED vehicles
  • CPO vehicles = households shopping for CPO or Certified Pre-Owned vehicles
  • Service = households shopping for service, looking to schedule service appointment etc.
  • EV = households shopping for pure Electric Vehicles, i.e. full electric plug ins
  • EV+ = households that have an affinity for electric vehicles and related fuel types. This includes the EV category above as well as hybrids, plug-in hybrids, etc.

Learn more about the grouping logic in our article on EV URL Categorization


But wait - I'm not an automotive client! 

The automotive vs commerce market designation comes from Salesforce, and is controlled by the support team when setting up a client in the platform.

Need to change this setting?

Please work with the Support team or your designated account rep.

Be sure to include the clients you want this adjusted for, and whether they should be automotive or general market.