Conversion ROI (Automotive) Conversion ROI (Automotive)

Conversion ROI (Automotive)

Amol Waishampayan CPO Amol Waishampayan CPO

This article talks about Conversion ROI (for Automotive) in platform, to see how the Conversion Measurement Overview works, go here.

View a breakdown of conversions for automotive advertisers on the platform. 

LEFT: You will find a breakdown of New Vehicles vs Used Vehicles as well as gross profit as shared by the Dealer Management System and mapped fields. 

RIGHT: You will see total vehicles serviced and corresponding total ROs delivered from 1st party data marketing initiatives. You will also see the Total RO Value.

note: financial numbers are dependent on how fields are mapped from the dealer management system and how that data is transferred to platform. In certain cases the dollar value from only 1 RO may be allocated for a single vehicle.