Audience Generator - beta Audience Generator - beta

Audience Generator - beta

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Audience Generator - beta can be found under the MARKET tab in


Audience Generator gives dealerships activated on Lifecycle the ability to enter a count goal for marketing, based on select campaign parameters, segments, and vehicle status. Once parameters are input, Audience Generator generates an optimized list out of previous customers to market to and use as a unique audience. 

Audience Generator in applicable to both the Sales and Service lens in Lifecycle. 

Once generated - you will get a count for your list. If you have access, and can export your CSV - click on the blue down arrow to download it. 

Additional details are provided below to show the size of the targeted audience for each marketing tactic.

What does the radius indicate? How far out the count generated reaches geographically, and helps illustrate potential reach if this list were to be used in a campaign. 

Can I adjust the geography of the list before exporting? No.