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AI Audience Composer

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AI Audience Composer is also known as Generative AI. 



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How do I use the AI Audience Composer?

For any selected client - type in what your marketing plan or goal is - and the AI Audience Composer will scan the available households to reply with the best audience plan. The AI Audience Composer will provide a count along with response explaining strategy & insight, as well as details about what audiences it recommends. 

Where can I find the AI Audience Composer? 
As of now, you can find the Generative AI Audience Planner in the app under the Market tab, labeled AI Audience Composer.

How can I talk about the AI Audience Composer?

"Audience Planner is a Generative AI tool inside the™️ platform that simplifies the process of creating and implementing targeted advertising audiences. Users can simply type their business goals into the platform; the Audience Planner will immediately generate a draft audience plan based on the content of the prompt."

Where does the AI Audience Composer pull it's audiences from?

  • Your net NEW Audiences - previously unknown website visitors transformed into household addresses​ via 
  • Your previous & current customer base via your DMS​

Can I export this list? 

Not at this time. Use this response as a guide to create an actionable campaign with your account rep or support contact. 

I just checked in and I can't see or use the AI Audience Composer - why?

This feature is limited in functionality until a client has been collecting data for 90 days. 

Help! I'm not getting consistent results / my results don't make sense.