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Release Date Update Explanation
23-May Custom Activations Page Click-Through The revitalized the Custom Activations conversions click-through experience. The previous page confined you to looking at one campaign, for one goal without the ability to shift between goals or
9-May Immersive Tactics Icon Display We've refined the icon display logic to consider immersive tactics from the last three months relative to the selected month, enhancing accuracy and relevance on our converted transaction page.
7-May Campaign Stats Reports Updates

We've made updates to some of the primary stats pages that we use to monitor the operations of ShopperSuite. These include adding new columns for Channel Ids and Marketing Address in various list to allow for the operations team to more quickly perform various reporting. As part of this, we also optimized and improved the speed at which some reports generate.

29-April Audience Generator BETA name change and Lifecycle Updates

Changed the name of the Audience Generator BETA to DMS List Builder to better reflect its function and differentiate it from the AI Audience Generator.


We now prevent users from viewing the current month's Lifecycle instance until it's populated with data. Users will default to the previous month and we expect that this Lifecycle generation process to be completed in the first few days of the month.

We also made some minor changes to the way we return the sales and service numbers inside the Lifecycle buckets. These will not result in any noticeable changes in the Lifecycle numbers month over month.

23-April Display Tactics Rework

We've begun a rework of how we display tactics at the household profile level. We've removed the display and mail icons for the moment and are in the process of implementing a better UI to represent these elements.

17-April Add in Competitors to the AI Audience Composer Household Map.

We have added in competitor pins to our households map for  the AI Audience Composer. Users will be able to configure competitor locations in the settings for the client to display these pins.

8-April Updates to User Action Logs

We added a few additional actions to be tracked in our user action logs. This feature is used to give us better insight into when certain actions are taken in the platform, such as the toggling on/off of client campaigns.

8-April Whitelable Email Updates

This update pushes a series of improvement to how we handle automated emails generated to internal or whitelable users. It enables the customization of "From" with a platform name as well as replacing various instances of stock naming with custom naming throughout the emails.

2-April AI Composer Update

We've updated our Experimental AI Audience Composer to enable better functionality for non-auto clients. This included suppressing automotive specific suggested inputs as well as a general logic update for how the AI composer handles general market requests.

Users will find that general market queries are now more uniformly across clients of different types and return more expected results.

As part of this update, we also disabled the Audience Composer input field until 90 days post launch to account for the time necessary to gather, resolve and segment audiences. Using the Experimental AI Audience Composer before 90 days worth of data was collected would return few or no results due to of the lack of data.

28-Mar Nitroleads Creative Updates

We've updated Nitroleads with a brand new modern theme. The previous Nitroleads theme is still available but it was time for a style refresh to keep the Nitroleads overlay's styling with the ever evolving web standards.

The new theme features customizable colors, fonts, graphics and display options similar configurable by the operations team. This new theme adds an extra layer of customizability to Nitroleads to ensure the overlay closely matches a style and format that align's with the dealer's website.

25-Mar Experimental Audience Composer - Rollout

The Experimental Audience Composer is now available for users of all levels. Previously, the Experimental Audience Composer was limited to certain higher level user scopes to prevent overload and for testing purposes. We have now pushed the Audience Composer to all user levels to allow for experimental use and discovery across the board.

In the coming months, we'll focus on enhancing the Composer's features with user feedback from from this experimental phase.

13-Mar ShopperSuite Results Page Update

We optimized the backend of the ShopperSuite results in our administrative platform to allow for faster page load times. The time was reduced by over half, allowing for an easier, more efficient workflow.

5-Mar Email Recap Updates

We made a series of minor updates improving the recap emails sent out from the platform to clients. These updates included the replacement of outdated icons and the replacement of old fields with new ones.

5-Mar ShopperSuite Campaign Radius Reporting Adjustment

We have adjusted ShopperSuite to ensure that any updates to a campaign's radius only affect future reporting. This means the updated radius will not be retroactively applied to past reports within the product.

In the past, updating a campaign's radius would also update the radius used for reporting in previous months, rather than maintaining the actual radius that was in use at that time. With this update, historical reporting within the platform will now more accurately reflect the campaign's true status and metrics for those periods.

29-Feb Custom Domain Updates

We expanded the functionality of our custom domain settings to allow for enhanced branding. These now allow for the customization of platform domain name, platform name, and a host of color & styling updates both in platform and in emails the platform produces.

28-Feb Nitroleads Leads Marketing Click Through

Added in the ability for users to click through the conversion goals on the Leads Marketing page to view a list of the specific leads we have marked as converted. This updates the functionality of the Leads Marketing page and it will now function similarly to the click through ability on the New Audience Marketing page.

19-Feb Nitroleads Latest File Transaction Date

Aligned the latest file transaction date in Nitroleads with the same field in ShopperSuite and Lifecycle. Nitroleads will now display the most recently received sale and service transaction date on the Nitroleads Lead Marketing page and alert users when their transaction data is running behind.

19-Feb SafeMatch File Upload Optimization

Optimized the SafeMatch file uploader to allow for multiple files in one web request. Previously, users would need to upload and submit multiple files by submitting one file, then reopening the uploader and submitting another one. This allows for a user to drag and drop a series of files all at once for ease of use. 

14-Feb Single Lease Payoff Update

We added in logic to handle Single Lease Payoff. Previously, Lifecycle and other systems expected Lease numbers sent via DMS to always be monthly payments. DMS systems have not yet adjusted to a structure that allows Single Lease Payoff, meaning that dealers are often forced to use the regular lease  payment field to record the entire Single Lease Payoff.

The hijacking of the lease field caused some calculations on our side, based on this being a monthly payment, to be incorrect. This logic update allows for Single Lease Payoff to be received from DMS systems in the regular lease payment field and still display correctly.

12-Feb Lifecycle Marketing Enhancement

This is an overhaul of the Lifecycle Marketing page. The previous dashboard was set up similarly to the New Audience Marketing dashboard for ShopperSuite but was lacking a some metrics we felt were key to understanding Lifecycle's influence.

This update formats this page as a table and adds the number of leads accelerated, percent of sales and service influenced in addition to metrics on user engagement to tell a more complete story.

In addition to the new look, we also added in the ability to roll this up into a yearly review report and to export this yearly report via csv for ease of use.

8-Feb Buyer Journey Minor Updates

We made a minor series of UI updates to the Buyer Journey page.

  • In the chart, columns with no data still display
  • Moved to percentages in lieu of absolute numbers, chart percentages will add up to 100%
  • Removed dealer name in the chart
8-Feb NitroLeads Settings & Set-up

Simplified menus and cleaned up certain UI elements for internal campaign set-up screens used by ft.ai Operations team. Also removed extraneous fields from application client-level mappings.

5-Feb LifeQueue: Initial Rollout

Lifecycle uses a series of timed processes to execute everything from email sends and list creation to DMS record ingestion and segment sorting. LifeQueue is the name for our new back-end architecture that will allow us to better manage and scale these automated processes.

Front end users will not see an any changes in the product but this will be a significant improvement over our previous architecture and will allow us to better plan for expansion in the future. This is the first in a series of updates related to the LifeQueue focused on the smaller scale testing of this new infrastructure before we begin to make platform wide updates.

5-Feb NitroLeads Asset Updates

Updated a series of Nitroleads Javascript assets to bring them in line with fullthrottle.app naming and hierarchy conventions.

5-Feb Password Reset Link Fix

Addressed an issue where users who had already set their new password could receive another banner asking them to reset their password again. 

30-Jan Experimental Audience Composer Release

We've released an exciting experimental feature inside the fullthrottle.ai platform. fullthrottle.ai Audience Composer leverages integrations with OpenAi's ChatGPT and Google's Gemini large language models to allow users to craft the perfect audience with just a sentence or phrase.

This experimental Audience Composer allows users to input the business goal of marketing campaign into the platform and then resolves the request into a count of households from this advertiser that match the criteria listed. This bypasses the need for unwieldy toggles, selectors and date pickers that generally accompany this type of user interface and places an advertiser's audience right at their fingertips. 


As this is still in the testing phase and initial rollout, client level users won't have this feature quite yet. This feature is also currently geared to automotive advertisers, so other advertiser verticals won't yet be able to use this. Internal teams now have access to this for demo and testing and we will continue to improve this with feedback on a rolling basis until its full release.

22-Jan Mail Recap Setting Update

Enabled email recaps by default for client users and adjacent role types. Recaps include:

  • Audience Generation Monthly Email Recap
  • Lead Generation Monthly Email Recap
  • Previous Customer On-site (AUTO ONLY) Weekly Recap
22-Jan Cross Shopping Expanded User Roles

The ability to see cross-shopping insights on applicable households is now enabled for client users, with logic that tightly controls the data available based on actively maintain custom grouping configurations.

22-Jan Platform Access Logic + Alerts

A continuation of the improvements on the password help screens. We removed a legacy feature that allowed for a variable number of password guess attempts and implemented a standard number across the board.

We also configured a set of alerts during password attempt fails that better explain to the user where they are at in their password process, how many attempts they have left and what will happen on their last attempt. This includes errors as well for various other login attempt failures like "Inactive Profile" and edge case errors for the login system.

22-Jan Lifecycle Email App Display Fix

Addressed an issue with the example Lifecycle email template display within fullthrottle.app. Inside the platform, certain example Lifecycle emails were displaying with all available segments for customers instead of only applicable segments. This issue is specific to the in-platform sample renderings of customer emails, and did not impact actual live emails in any way. 

12-Jan NitroLeads Campaign List Page Update

We have seen a substantial increase in demand from OEMs, dealer groups, and agencies to run more campaigns and often multiple at once through our Lead Generation product, NitroLeads. With this growth has come the need to revisit how how our internal operations team is managing the active and applicable lead generation campaigns, as well as how they appear to our platform users. 


This release was a series of small-medium updates that will refine current campaign management as well as plan for increased scale including:

  • increasing the number of campaign results per page to 30
  • easier and smarter filtering so most relevant campaigns appear first
  • universally available campaign search bar for all role types
  • added in a "Programs" field to the campaigns list to better represent how a dealer/OEM etc. is activating 
  • make it quicker and easier to active a second campaign
12-Jan Unified Reporting and NitroLeads Report

As part of the continuing series of updates after we joined all three products into one platform, we needed to unify the way we structure the reports for the products to make them easier for the operations team to manage. We updated and moved the reporting structure for all products to a centralized ops accessible location for ease of maintenance. We also standardized pieces of their user interface. 

In addition to the centralization of the ShopperSuite Reports and Lifecycle reports, we created a similar dynamic report to assist ops in managing the day to day management of NitroLeads. This overall Campaign Status Report allows for the monitoring of all campaigns in one place.

12-Jan SafeMatch Field Updates Changed both Transaction Type and Transaction Month fields from optional to mandatory in our SafeMatch upload system. These are also no longer being auto-filled as a fail safe for users accidentally selecting the wrong month. This is part of our continuing updates to the SafeMatch system to allow for more accurate client reporting.
10-Jan Lifecycle Lead Pushing Logic Revised and expanded the current business logic for automatically pushing leads from Previous Customers in our Lifecycle platform into dealer CRM systems. These updates refine what qualifications are used in the AI decisions, and what conditions must be met in order for a lead to be sent. The new logic takes into consideration evolved changes in automotive shopper behavior along with thousands of data points built from platform learnings over the past year. To the end user, more dealers will now receive AI accelerated leads into their CRM each month, and many will see an increase in volume as well.
2-Jan Client Custom Group Bulk Upload Feature

Grouping associations between clients in the fullthrottle.ai platform enable a multitude of bulk operations for clients under the same channel and/or holding company.


This latest enhancement allows applicable users to add multiple clients to a custom group association with just a few clicks, as opposed to adding each client one-by-one. Quickly adding clients to a custom group in bulk helps expedite large-scale onboarding and downstream processes for new and existing clients such as marketing activation and enterprise-level analytics. 


This particularly relevant for large enterprise clients/channels making acquisitions or opening up new locations etc.

14-Dec Dealer Code Addition to Settings Page Added a field for Dealer_Code to Advertiser Settings page for internal and client teams to more easily perform bulk operations and client matching.
14-Dec Removed Front-end Files Removed a series of legacy styling files from the product that were no longer necessary after the product unification earlier in the year.
12-Dec Unified UI Front-end Codebase There were a few last remaining differences in front-end structure, artifacts from when the fullthrottle.ai rolled up the three separate platforms into fullthrottle.app. This will have little impact on the user, however the user might notice minute changes in certain icons, fonts, styles, etc.
11-Dec New Password Reset Flow Introduced a completely new password reset flow for users who forgot or want to reset their password. This process is initiated when a user clicks "Forgot password" on our application's login screen etc. and should provide a smoother and more straightforward user experience for changing a password. The new password reset flow will also pull in applicable branding elements for whitelabeled instances.
11-Dec Nitroleads Reminder Fix Fixed a 404 NOT FOUND error in the Lead Generation Weekly Email Reminder feature that affected a few users depending on their access permissions.

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