Does Technology Affect Website Speed? Does Technology Affect Website Speed?

Does Technology Affect Website Speed?

Sage Sage

No - uses a lightweight script that has negligible impact on website speed.

It is common, however, for other third-party technologies on a brand or advertiser site to slow down the website performance, and it can be helpful to understand how each individual on-site element is affecting the overall speed.

Below are the steps to assess the impact of an individual website script/technology on website speed.

The below steps are for Google Chrome, but similar tools are available on other web pages:

1. Visit the webpage URL

2. Right click on the page and click Inspect. This will open up the Google Chrome Dev Tools window

3. In the Dev Tools window, click the Performance tab at the top, and click the reload button in the middle of the window

4. Let the recording run for a few seconds then click the STOP button and wait for the report to generate

5. In the generated report view, select the Call Tree view and group the results by Domain

6. Refer to the Total Time column to assess how individual website technologies are affecting the site speed. The longer the Total Time, the more a website element is slowing down the web page.