Smartmail return address Smartmail return address

Smartmail return address

Julia G. Julia G.

Why is PO Box 3031, Malvern, PA, 19355 on the label, can you take it off? 

Due to the infrastructure and that this is an “on demand” 24/7 system, not a typical mail piece drop unfortunately that is not possible. 

Here are few reasons why we have our headquarters as the return sender address.  

Systematically this ties this back to the Printer and Postage billing, due to an on demand system. This is not a typical mail drop but rather a 24/7 on demand program. There are other ways we can be modify to not specifically link our address to the dealership:  Use "Program Header" or "Mailing Center" above the address. 


Our return address: 

Program Headquarters 

PO Box 3031 

Malvern, PA 19355