How does Lead Generation work? How does Lead Generation work?

How does Lead Generation work?

Sage Sage

Lead Generation (Nitroleads) is an on-site promotional tool based on audience behavior & interest and designed to deliver the right incentive on the right website pages.

Upon visiting the website, shoppers will see an overlay promoting a reward. To earn the reward, they must fill out a form and visit the dealership. Once the form is completed - the customer receives an email confirmation with a voucher code, and the dealer gets their information sent directly into their CRM. 

Once the customer comes into the dealership, the dealer can redeem them in the portal and the reward will be electronically emailed to them in 24-48 hours to the email address on file. 

Note: the customer only receives the reward once they physically visit the dealership.


  • What is included in the program?
    • Up to 3 On-site Promotions
      • (Mix of Sales + Service Promotions recommended)
    • Leads directly integrated into CRM
    • Customers Receive:
      • SMS Text with Incentive​
      • Instant Email with Coupon Code​
      • Mobile Friendly Printable Coupon Page​
      • Weekly email blast reminder to anyone who has not
        redeemed​ (option to turn-off but shoppers can also

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