Can I import my own leads/data? Can I import my own leads/data?

Can I import my own leads/data?

Julia G. Julia G.

Yes! This is a feature called BYOL (Bring Your Own List). 

  • What?: Bring Your Own List allows us to import a unique list of contacts into the Lead Generation platform at and market to them proactively with the gift card offer
    • Once imported, those contacts will receive the Lead Generation marketing (via email) to grab that unique coupon code – valid for the active campaign's promotional offer, once brought into the dealership. 
  • Who?: This is ideal for marketing to unsold prospects, or lists out of the CRM, DMS, or Lifecycle Acceleration – and more.
    • Campaigns templates exist for test drives, appraisals, lease returns, bonus cash, MSPR discounts, and more. 


  • Do leads from the BYOL get pushed to my CRM?
    • No - as a rule, they will never get pushed to your CRM. 
  • Can we send them texts/SMS?
    • No - as a rule, we do not send texts to these contacts.