How do I redeem my leads? How do I redeem my leads?

How do I redeem my leads?

Sage Sage

When a customer claims their reward in-store, you need to redeem them in the platform.

Redeeming a customer triggers the reward to be emailed to them. 

  • Visit and sign in. 
    • If you forget your credentials - visit
  • Search for your company name and click on the associated "NEW LEADS" button
  • In the LEADS tab - search for your customer using their name or email address in the top right column search bar. When you find the customer, you can select Redeem. (clicking Resubmit will send the customer into the CRM. )
  • Click the blue Redeem button on the righthand side, and enter the 17-digit code in the Coupon Code space provided. This code is located on the coupon that the customer brings into the dealership. Make sure to include the "-" and NO spaces.
  • Verify the Customer Information is all correct, and then press the green Confirm Redemption button located in the bottom right of the window.
  • Confirm with the customer that they have received a gift card in their email inbox. They might have to check their Junk/Spam/Clutter folders. Note: the gift card is being sent from