Lead Generation: User Best Practices Lead Generation: User Best Practices

Lead Generation: User Best Practices

Sage Sage

1. Train your team

Your sales team and receptionists should be up to speed on how the campaign works, how to login, and be able to access the platform to redeem customers. In addition, they should be familiar with what the coupon looks like and how to reach out to the fullthrottle.ai support team for assistance. Our team is available to help troubleshoot any issues – and is also happy to demo and review the portal with your team to ensure they are set up for success.

2. ­­Act fast

­­Once redeemed in the fullthrottle.app platform , the customer should receive their reward via email within 2 weeks. To ensure this process moves quickly, redeem the test drive offer while the customer is still on site in your showroom. You can verify and update (if needed) their contact information through the platform during the redemption process.

3. Share access

Make sure all customer-facing employees have the login credentials and can access the fullthrottle.app platform to ensure a smooth experience for each customer who comes in to redeem. There will be one login per dealership- all employees share the same login credentials.