Campaign Impact: Lifecycle Marketing Campaign Impact: Lifecycle Marketing

Campaign Impact: Lifecycle Marketing

Julia G. Julia G.

This article talks about Lifecycle Marketing report in the Platform.

To navigate to this screen - click on the Measure section. Below - you will see the this Lifecycle Marketing screen.

This is a view of all unique sales and service transactions - categorized and broken down by marketing tactic and user activity - and references associated gross value and loyalty percentages. 


The goal and value of this report is to illustrate incremental loyalty and dollars earned, per transaction, directly tied back to influence from marketing tactics.

To a client using this tool month over month - this can be used to clearly justify investment in supplemental media activation. 

Note: these results are not mutual exclusive to each other.  Like all marketing and advertising, it is the combination of marketing tactics that deliver results, and not a silver bullet that has "made the sale". Some of these customers may overlap into multiple Tactics and Categories. 

Attribution breakdown:

Sales Transactions and Vehicles Serviced are compared up to marketing tactics on households up to 120 days prior as the buyer journey can be as long as 6 months in many cases.

Term and tooltips breakdown:

  • Email Inbox Impression: Unique Vehicle Statements Delivered
  • Vehicle Statement Opened: Unique Statements Opened
  • Wallet Engagement: Unique Customers that Engaged
  • Leads Accelerated: Leads pushed directly to the CRM
  • SmartMail Delivery: Unique Customers who were sent Mail