Campaign Impact: Custom Activations Campaign Impact: Custom Activations

Campaign Impact: Custom Activations

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The Custom Activations screen reports incremental lift from segmented campaigns being served to custom audiences. These are campaigns that are separate from marketing running through products and programs. 

This report would populate in a situation when a client brings a list of their own household customers to target. Upon a marketing campaign being run to that unique audience, Custom Activations would check the households against transactions (in this example - Sales & Service) to see how the campaign performed, matching campaign audience members to sales. 

Direct Marketing FAQ: 

Remaining Brand Impact

Even after your campaign ends, the brand and message momentum built can still influence a buying decision weeks or months later.
The Brand Impact gauge shows how much longer your campaign will resonate and play a role in the consumer's journey. A newly-launched campaign will have a gauge reading of 100%, since consumers are only just starting to be impacted by the message. On the other hand, a campaign that finished months ago will have closer to 0% Remaining Brand Impact as the campaign message fades from the consumer's awareness.

Campaign Name and Tags
We now have the ability to display custom Tags to call out the business objective and strategy of a Custom Activation. Check out Sagedesk if you have any questions on how the Tags are configured.

Households Targeted
This is the total number of households in the Custom Activation audience list.

These icons represent the media Tactic used to deliver your message during the Custom Activation. There are available icons for Mail, Email, Display, and Video.

Measuring Business Outcomes
The platform is optimized to deliver measurable impact on the goals most important to your business.
Since the platform can ingest transactional data for two different types of business goals, the results of each goal are represented with their own set of analytics columns.
If any numbers are missing or out of date, please check to ensure the latest transaction data has been uploaded to the platform.

Understanding Goals
There are key metrics for each Goal type:

Households Transacted: unique households impacted by the Custom Activation who ultimately transacted.
Total Transactions: the total count of all transactions impacted by the Custom Activation. Depending on the nature of the business goal, there might be multiple transactions per Household.