Campaign Impact: Return on Audience Campaign Impact: Return on Audience

Campaign Impact: Return on Audience

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Access this report at, through the left sidebar menu under MEASURE and Campaign Impact.


The Return of Audience screen is segmented into three categories, allowing for exclusive insight into everything happening across the addressable universe in one screen.

  • Immersive Household Tactics: refers to immersive household media and instant marketing efforts (display, Smartmail, social, video). 
    This can also be referenced under the New Audience Marketing report.
  • Custom Campaigns:  refers to direct marketing campaigns that run separately, apart from the instant marketing efforts run directly through products.
    These campaigns can be referenced under the Custom Activations report.
  • Ad Click Interactions: refers to clicks from humans, being driven by various vendors/3p sources.
    This can also be referenced under the 3p Activation report.

Under each of the three categories, view how many households were targeted, and any associated transactions - in this example above, Sales and Service transactions. 

Return on Audience is a media mix page - providing a breakdown between what media is deploying through the platform, performance through custom campaigns, and also what other partners or vendors are running - all on one unified screen. 

Why are these numbers percentages? 

The percentage is how much out of the total columns across all three sections is represented. This is to directionally tell how many households being influenced, broken down into three separate categories, and how much transactional lift is happening from all media activations.

What if I do not want percentages?

On the top right corner of the screen, toggle off the "AI EXPANDED." The report will dynamically update to number counts of transactions. 

Are these households unique?

No - these households are not mutually exclusive to each other. This screen is intended to show the overall addressable market, and illustrate the media mix breakdown across the households that are being influenced and transacting.