What is Custom Mail Frequency? What is Custom Mail Frequency?

What is Custom Mail Frequency?

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Custom Mail Frequency allows you to deploy SmartMail Marketing at a time that best fits your customer base. Advertisers can customize mailing frequency between 1 - 4 months. For example, a prospective household shopper can be mailed to once every 4 months, or once every month for a more aggressive marketing tactic.

How often can you change the frequency?

Highly recommend changing no more than once a month based on media allocation

What numbers does this impact?

The New Audience Marketing screen will reflect a higher/lower number of SmartMail delivered if a frequency is changed respectively. 

Would this affect Conversions?

Changing the custom mail frequency would not change the way conversions are measured, however typically more SmartMail delivered at higher frequency creates a lift on total return on investment. 

How should quota be changed if the mail frequency is changed?

The simplest way to create a baseline without getting overly complex on the algorithm is to use a number between the Newly Identified Households and the Returning Live Households depending on frequency chosen. For example, a frequency of SmartMail being delivered every month could be allotted a quota of monthly summation of "Newly Identified Households plus Returning Live Households". You can find this information in your New Audience Marketing screen.

What if I do not want to change the frequency? 

No action is required. The default is to mail every 120 days (4 months).

Where does this setting live?

On the client level - the fullthrottle.ai support team can help with any adjustments.