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Previous Customers/Lifecycle: Sales Lens

Sage Sage

Those that fall in the Sales Segments emailed to are based on these criteria, according on information from the DMS and provided by the customer in their vehicle wallet. 

  • Finance Upgrade = Loan customers who are in a positive equity position
  • Lease Upgrade = Lease customers who have a lease ending soon (typically 6 months or under)
  • Lease Overage = Lease customers with 12 or less remaining payments who are projected to go over their allowed mileage before lease end
  • High APR = Loan customers with a high APR rate (typically 9% or higher)
  • Warranty Alert = Purchase customers that currently have a factory or extended warranty that will be expiring within the next 90 days
  • Inventory Acquisition + Service Conquest = Service only customers who frequently service their vehicle at the dealership
  • Everyone Else = All other customers who do not fall into the above categories. These are customers who have recently purchased a new vehicle, don’t service frequently ,etc

Scroll left to right to view customer activity & engagement as it relates to each segment. 

  • Opportunities
  • Vehicle Statement Delivered
  • Vehicle Statement Opened
  • Total Media Activations
  • Family Geofencing 
  • SmartMail Delivered
  • Total Shopper Customers
  • Shopped Privately
  • Shopped Publicly
  • Sales 

Scroll down to the bottom to view monthly email and engagement metrics for service customers

  • Delivered Statement = # vehicle statements delivered divided by # total opportunities
  • Opened Statements =# vehicle statements opened divided by # vehicle statements delivered 
  • Vehicle Wallet Engagement = # service intent divided by # vehicle statements opened