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Previous Customers: Service

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Those that fall in the Service Segments emailed to are based on these criteria:

  • Active =Recently serviced within the last 12 months.
  • Recently  Lost = Stopped servicing within the last year, but has serviced within past 24 months.
  • Defected = Haven’t serviced in 2+ years, but has serviced at least once before.
  • Never Serviced = Purchased a vehicle, but never serviced at dealership.

Scroll left to right to view customer activity & engagement as it relates to each segment. 

  • Opportunities 
  • Vehicle Statement Delivered 
  • Vehicle Statement Opened 
  • Total Media Activations 
    • Family Geofencing 
    • SmartMail Delivered 
  • Service Intent 
    • Reviewed Vehicle History
    • Visited Website
  • RO Value provides the transactional dollars tied back to these customers for the month - expand to see
    • Vehicles Serviced
    • Total ROs Completed

Scroll down to the bottom to view monthly email and engagement metrics for service customers

  • Non-Retained = sum of recently lost + never serviced + defected divided by sum of recently lost + never serviced  + defected + active
  • Delivered Statement = # vehicle statements delivered divided by # total opportunities
  • Opened Statements =# vehicle statements opened divided by # vehicle statements delivered 
  • Vehicle Wallet Engagement = # service intent divided by # vehicle statements opened