Lifecycle Value Demonstration | FAQS Lifecycle Value Demonstration | FAQS

Lifecycle Value Demonstration | FAQS

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What is ‘Lifecycle Value Demonstration’?

The Lifecycle Value Demonstration is a helpful resource when attempting to retain a client on the product; as well as help them understand how engaged their customers are with the application.


How does it work?

When a customer requests to pause or cancel their Lifecycle services, we can provide updates to the dealer from real customers attempting to access their vehicle wallet, in real time!

  •  No additional emails will go out to anyone – engaged customers can still go back to old emails and click into their vehicle wallet – when they arrive, they are met with an option to send a notification requesting access.
  • This request can be sent to whomever you choose i.e., if you, (Director of Client Services), would prefer to receive those notifications, we can make that update to the system. If you would rather the notifications go to the dealer or someone at the dealership, we can also make that adjustment.


What are the benefits?

Based on our analysis, presenting data of how many customers are truly engaged and utilizing Lifecycle will assist you in saving the deal and retaining clients on the tool for longer amounts of time.


How long does the Lifecycle Value Demonstration stay on?

We will leave this up to you! We suggest keeping the Value Demonstration enabled for at least 60-90 days. At that point, you can notify us to either completely inactivate the client or give us the good news that they have chosen to return!


Can the Lifecycle Value Demonstration be turned off at any point?

Yes! Just let us know and we are happy to make the adjustment.


What do I do if I want the Lifecycle Value Demonstration disabled?

If you would not like to utilize this Value Demonstration any longer, please request this via the FT Product Support Form