New Audiences: Navigating the Household List New Audiences: Navigating the Household List

New Audiences: Navigating the Household List

Amol Waishampayan CPO Amol Waishampayan CPO

Access the Household List of your new audiences via the left-menu bar under IDENTITY // New Audiences // Household List


The Household List has 4 key columns to view 

You can toggle between different date ranges, Channels, Campaigns, and Journey Segments on the top menu bar.



1. Immersive Household Targeted 

Shows any media tactics being deployed against the household through the platform including Display, Social, Video, Audio, and SmartMail. Hover over each icon for further detail. 

(people icon) indicates the household was served Social marketing tactics


(screen icon) indicates the household was served Display marketing tactics


(envelope icon) indicates the household was sent SmartMail 


2. Latest Visit Sources


Shows most recent sources of visits from the household. There may be multiple sources with multiple devices and influencers within a household. These visit sources are based on all media and attribution signals across all vendors delivering traffic to the website, as observed by the platform.


3. Journey Segments


Shows journeys currently being tracked for this website. Journeys can be mapped to any url pattern on the website and up to 4 can be added for any client.

read examples on our blog at 


4. Propensity Powered by AI


Shows daily propensity scored per household. There are 4 overall buckets of categories, Near Market, Building Awareness, In Market, and Ready to Buy. uses multiple points of data to create a personalized analysis. This includes pages visited, length of shopping journey, distance from stores, recency of behavior, number of devices, as well as other similar households that have converted on the platform with this business and others like it. Note: propensity is a fluid stat and is constantly changing, based on household behavior. does not keep historical logs of these statuses per shopper. 


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