Platform explained: Channel and Campaign Platform explained: Channel and Campaign

Platform explained: Channel and Campaign

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Channel Dropdown

Channel refers to the seller and owner of the client contract.

For example - the below image shows an account that was sold and is managed by the team. Therefore, it lives under the FullThrottle Direct channel. 

  • FullThrottle Direct - only the households/metrics/reporting related to that specific channel's activity
  • All Channels - a sum of all households/metrics/reporting that are part of an existing, active channel

Can there be multiple channels? 

  • Yes. For instance - a FullThrottle Direct channel has an active campaign running, and there is an additional channel for an OEM funded campaign.
    • The channel drop-down allows the end user to shift seamlessly between household lists, reports, and performance metrics between the campaigns associated with each channel. 

Campaign Dropdown

Campaigns are sets of new audiences 

  • Primary - any stats within the primary, active ShopperSuite campaign
    • for example, client location + 50 mile radius
  • Out of Market - any households falling outside of currently active campaigns radius/radii
  • Total Campaigns - all households that are part of an active campaign
    • ie: you have active campaigns in multiple locations across the country. Total Campaigns sums all those households together. 
  • Total Audience - every identified household, both within active campaign(s) & out of market

Can there be additional campaigns?

  • Yes! Please discuss with the support team if you'd like to add additional locations and campaigns to your account.