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Maximizing Data Security and Privacy

At, we're committed to data minimization, a key principle in data privacy and security. Data Minimization is the practice of concentrating data access to only what is absolutely necessary to perform a specific business case.

In a continued effort to protect our clients, consumers, and employees, is focusing user access to only the applicable permissions necessary for their specific platform usage.

This means that no user will have access to any Client or Channel that they do not support on a normal and expected regular basis per state and federal legal frameworks.

By focusing user access permissions, we align with SOC2 compliance and adhere to data privacy regulations such as CCPA. This approach helps safeguard client information, reducing risks and improving our infosec posture. Data minimization fosters trust with our clients and protects their customers' interests. This also minimizes the potential for unauthorized access or accidental data breaches, contributing to a more secure digital advertising ecosystem.

If additional access is desired beyond normal and expected regular basis for respective clients, a formal request must be made to Data & Privacy board. After review and approval, the Data & Privacy Board, will individually review each request and decide if additional access will be granted. Please see template below and complete with all necessary information before submitting.

Thank you for your commitment to providing clients with a world-class secure and reliable advertising platform!




Email Recipient:

Email Subject:  Additional Platform Access Request






To: Data Advisory Board

Subject: Request for Additional Access to Client Data


Dear Data & Privacy Board,


I am writing to formally request additional access to specific client data to fulfill my role-related responsibilities. Below, please find the necessary information regarding my request:


Requester Name: [Enter your full name]

Requester Email: [Enter your email address]

Requester Department: [Enter your department]

Additional Access Desired: [List the client databases or data sets]

Reason for this Request: [Provide a detailed reason]

Estimated Duration of Access: [Enter the duration: days, weeks, months]

Client(s) Involved: [List the client(s)]

Impact on Data Privacy and Security: [Explain any potential impacts]

Measures to Mitigate Risks: [List the measures you are taking to mitigate risks]

I understand the importance of maintaining data privacy and security, and you have my written confirmation that the requested access will be used solely for the purpose mentioned above.

My current set of permissions do not allow me to materially carry out my job responsibilities and I need access to clients above the expected and regular amounts for my role.

Please review my request and kindly inform me of your decision at your earliest convenience. If you require any additional information or clarification, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.




[Your Full Name]

[Your Job Title]

[Your Department]

[Your Email Address]

[Your Phone Number]