Uploading your Transactional Data Uploading your Transactional Data

Uploading your Transactional Data

Rose Elling Rose Elling

Download a sample file as a template to reference here. 


What type of data does my client need to send me so that we can upload it to our systems?

Mandatory columns needed for upload:
  • Transaction Date
  • Street Address
  • Zip code


Not mandatory columns but would benefit us and the client:
  • Product Services
  • Customer Name
  • City, State
  • Phone Number(s)
  • Email


For financial reporting:
  • Sales Amounts


How do I upload the data into our system?

Data File Upload Instructions:
  1. Upload customer data from the client's Instant Marketing Page by pressing the 'Upload Data' button.
  2.  Make sure to map the data with the correct column in the file (this is especially important for the required fields).
  3.  If adding in product or service information, make sure to tag the same column month over month.
  4.  If needing financial reporting, make sure to include sales amounts in the file.

*Note that the "Transaction Date", "Address_1, and "Zip Code" are all mandatory fields for upload.