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Collection of Data collects data and transforms cookie and programmatic audiences into 1st-Party Households as a service on behalf of our clients. This process begins with the installation of the Launchpad script on a brand’s digital property. The Launchpad script consists of one line of JavaScript and can be installed either directly on the site or in a tag management container such as Google or Adobe. Each Launchpad script is unique to each client and collects data only on that digital property. 


Data Flow 

Client household data points stay individualized throughout all transit and through the entire downstream lifecycle. All data lives specifically within that client’s instance of the data warehouse. No data is ever shared between clients unless specifically directed by both parties. 

Any additional client-owned 1st Party data ingested by to perform a measurement service, e.g., sales transactions, are used only for client-specific insights, and all matching takes placed in our secure Data Clean Room. 


Data Ownership strongly believes in each brand’s data independence and plays an essential role in a brand’s journey to owning their 1st-Party Data. does not own any data, and all data collected, activated, and measured by technology belongs solely to each individual client.  


CCPA / Service Provider 

All technology and services offered by are fully compliant with CCPA and all national and local US legislation. is defined as a Service Provider under CCPA, and processes personal information on behalf of our clients for their related business purposes. 

As a Service Provider, we process data access requests such as Opt-out, etc. in accordance with CCPA and utilize an integration with OneTrust for consent management. 


Security / PII is committed to ensuring all consumer data is managed with strict technical security specifications and ethical procedures. All personal data is encrypted at rest and accessible only to a select few members of the engineering team. User access is tightly controlled and monitored, and client log in credentials can only access data for their specific business.  

Prospective enterprise partners are evaluated on technical standards and business ethics prior to any data being passed into that partner’s tech stack.  


Additional Items of Note:  

  • is NOT a data broker nor a data aggregator 
  • We do not sell data to anyone EVER under any circumstance 
  • All 1st-Party data generated, activated and measured within our platform is owned by the clients  
  • We do not track shoppers across different sites and organizations (not a 3rdparty tracker) 
  • We require active opt-in (vs. opt-out) 

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